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Tips from Hilda

Causes of “puffy eyes” and methods of treatment

Sunbathing tips - Hilda DemirjianEye puffiness usually refers to the swelling of tissues around the eyes, caused by excessive fluid concentration. While a small degree of puffiness may be noticable for any individual, it is most commonly caused by more serious reasons...

How can you know if your skin is healthy?

how-to-know-if-the-skin-is-healthyThe skin is the largest human organ and its health is of no less importance than the health of other ograns. But how can you know that the skin is healthy? What are the indicators of skin health?

If the skin has irregularities, such as wrinkles, age spots, dark blotchy patches or acne, then it certainly needs the attention of a skincare specialist...

Tips on how to protect the skin from sun damage

Sunbathing tips - Hilda Demirjian

Did you know that, as we age, our skin becomes thinner and more sensitive to sun damage? It is therefore very important to take extra care and avoid the negative effects of tanning, something that a lot of people neglect because of ignorance.

It is a proven scientific fact that ultra-violet (UV) radiation coming from the sun can cause skin cancer. In addition, the exposure of the skin to sun can cause thinning of the skin and develop wrinkles.

Having some extra color on the skin is not bad, and if protection is taken while sunbathing, it can be a harmless and enjoyable...